A man drowns and asks his friend the marriage (video)

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An American man drowned while asking his girlfriend to marry underwater on a paradise island in Tanzania, the luxury hotel where the couple was staying announced On Sunday.

The woman, Kenesha Antoine, posted images of her boyfriend, Steven Weber, on her Facebook page, asking for her hand through the window of their underwater room at the luxury Manta resort in Zanzibar.

The video shows Steven Weber, wearing a simple mask and flippers, swimming to the bedroom window, against which he places a handwritten letter declaring: “I can’t hold my breath long enough to tell you everything I love about you, but everything I love about you I love more every day. Do you want to be my wife, marry me? »

The young man then pulled out a small box containing a ring while Kenesha Antoine screamed with joy while filming.

The circumstances of the young man’s death on the island of Pemba, a popular destination for honeymoons, have not been established precisely.

“You never came up from these depths, you never could hear my answer ‘ yes! yes! A million times, yes, I want to marry you!!’,” Kenesha Antoine wrote Friday in a message confirming the death of his friend.

“We will not have been able to begin and celebrate the beginning of our life together because the happiest day of our lives has become the worst, in the stroke of the most cruel fate imaginable,” Kenesha Antoine wrote.

“Knowing him, always ready to make bad jokes, he’s probably making someone laugh with a story about how he royally screwed up that request and died being extra.”

Manta president Matthew Saus confirmed in an email to AFP on Sunday that a “customer tragically drowned while diving alone outside the underwater chamber” on Thursday.

“The Zanzibar local police are currently investigating this accident,” he said.

The couple was staying in the hotel’s “underwater room,” a floating structure for $1,700 a night (1,500 euros), in clear waters where the bed is surrounded by windows overlooking the ocean.

Source: Menara