A move separating Bayern from the longest European series in its history

Lazio could not stand in front of the Bayern Munich train in the Champions League to lose at home (1-4), today, Tuesday, in the first leg of the final price.

The defending champions set foot in the quarter-finals with this broad victory outside their rules, as the Italian capital’s Eagles will have to compensate for the loss by winning at least 4 goals in the second leg.

According to the “Opta” statistics network, Bayern was unbeaten in the Champions League for the 18th game in a row, with 17 wins and one draw.

The German giants are one step away from equating the longest unbeaten streak in its history in the championship, which lasted 19 consecutive matches between March 2001 and April 2002.

On the other hand, German midfielder Joshua Kimmich has reached 38 victories with Bayern Munich. In the Champions League.

“Opta” pointed out that the German international is the most victorious player in his first 50 matches in the tournament throughout history.