A new computer that only has a keyboard and costs $ 70

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The British company is known for making basic and cheap computers, “Raspberry Pi,” revealed its latest device, which combines the chips and components necessary to operate the computer in the keyboard used for writing, according to a report by Andrew Griffin published in the British newspaper “The Independent.”

The author stated that users only need to add a screen for the computer to become fully functional, as users compared this device’s performance with old computers. It’s so simple that it only costs $ 70 or £ 67.

Customers can also spend $ 100 or £ 95 for everything they need, including a remote computer mouse and the cables required to connect it to both the electricity and the display.

The company explained that the launch of this device occurred due to the increased use of “Raspberry Pi” devices in people’s homes during the epidemic due to the need for students and other people to have a computer to study and work remotely.

This new computer is called “Raspberry Pi 400”, as it relies on the performance of “Raspberry Pi 4” that was announced last summer. In this context, the company stated that this computer is 40 times more powerful than the original “Raspberry Pi.”

On the other hand, the company indicated that there were problems with the original computer. However, its price was meager; it was not particularly easy to use, as users had to assemble cables and other equipment themselves to work on this device. The company’s founder, Eben Upton, stated that the Raspberry Pi 400 was aimed at eliminating these problems.

In this regard, Upton wrote that “classic home computers, such as the “BBC Micro”, “ZX Spectrum”, “Commodore Amiga “and others”, integrated the main system board directly into the keyboard, as there is no separate system unit Or a keyboard cable, but just a computer device, a power supply, a screen cable, in addition to a computer mouse (sometimes). ”

The writer added that the computer has become available to everyone in the United Kingdom, the United States, and France. For its part, the company indicated that the devices would arrive in Italy, Germany, and Spain from next week. The company expects to reach India, Australia, and New Zealand by the end of the year.

On when it will be available around the world, Upton said, “We are working quickly to prepare the certificate of compliance for the rest of the other regions so that the” Raspberry Bay 400 will be available worldwide during the first few months of 2021. ”

Source: The Independent