A new tool that breaks down the protection of any iPhone

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One of the famous teams hacking iPhones launched a new “jailbreak” tool that can unlock any iPhone, even the latest models operating in the latest version 13.5 of iOS.

And Apple has always maintained a “walled garden” approach to iPhones by only allowing applications and customizations that they agree to, so hackers have tried over the past years to break free of what they call “prison,” hence the name of the operation “jailbreak” or “jailbreak”. . Hackers do this by finding a previously unexplored vulnerability in iOS that breaches some of Apple’s many restrictions to prevent access to essential programs.

Apple says it does it for safety. But users aspire to break the protection because breaking these restrictions allows them to customize their iPhone phones similar to what enjoyed by Android phone users.

The jailbreak tool – launched by the unc0ver team – supports all iPhones running iOS 11 and later, including iOS 13.5 devices that only lasted one week.

The unc0ver team did not reveal the details of the vulnerability it used to build the new jailbreak tool, but it is not expected to last long, just as it did with previous jailbreaks that Apple is working to quickly fix the vulnerabilities.

Security experts usually advise iPhone users not to break protection, because leaving the “walled garden” significantly increases the risk of penetration.

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