A numerical comparison between Messi and Ronaldo… Who excels ?

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Argentinian Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are among the best players in world football history, so the comparisons between them do not stop at the level of round witch lovers or experts.

The Sports Bebel website has made a digital comparison in which it has detected the individual differences between the stars of Barcelona and Juventus in nine basic football points.

1-To score goals
Messi and Ronaldo finished the comparison by 10/10 each.

Don significantly outperformed 9/10 versus 6/10 for Messi. The difference in net length between them and the percentage of goals scored in the head played a role in Ronaldo’s outperformance, an important skill in his favor when ‘he was a Manchester United player, then Real Madrid until he joined Juventus, who scored a big goal against Sampdoria with the incredible height of a 35-year-old player.

3-Dribbling skill
Messi, 32, surpassed the final mark as a skilled dribbler, compared to 10/8 for Ronaldo, who relies more on physical strength and speed to overtake his rivals.

4-The passes
Messi continued to excel in the same manner previous 10/10 due to his superior ability to pass assists to his colleagues compared to the Portuguese star.

5-Direct free kicks
Messi, nicknamed King of Free Kicks, won 9/10, against 8/10 for Ronaldo.

6-Execution of the penalty kick
Ronaldo is characterized by this large, which earned him to apply all shots on goal with Juventus and the Portuguese national team, and scored a large percentage of his goals with them, so he got 9 / 10 against 7/10 for Messi.

7-The discipline
We’re talking about behavioral discipline in general, including warnings and expulsions, and Messi excels in his relative calm of 9/10 versus 7/10 for Ronaldo, who is easy to get nervous. The best proof of that is his recent crisis with his trainer, Bianofi Mauricio Sarri.

8-Physical force
Ronaldo recovered the full mark 10/10 compared to 7/10 for Messi because the Portuguese had muscles and enormous physical strength compared to Messi, who lacks great strength and depends more on his technical skills.

9-Team game
Messi excelled by winning 9/10 for his excellence in a group performance with the team, against 7/10 for the Don.

The final result
Messi, in the end, outperformed, winning 77/90 against Ronaldo 76/90.

The comparisons between the two heroes remain endless, as they offer even more to their teams.

Source: Agencies