A tribute to the Bundesliga players, but they are at risk of possible punishment

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The German Football Association president Fritz Keeler expressed his pride in the club players who expressed their solidarity with the black American citizen George Floyd who was killed by his country’s police, despite facing possible sanctions under the laws of the game.

During the weekend matches in the Bundesliga, a number of players sent messages of solidarity to Floyd, the 46-year-old black citizen, who died from suffocation a week ago, by a white policeman in Minneapolis who held him to the ground and pressed his neck, in an incident that sparked a wave of protests A massive storm in dozens of American cities.

Borussia Dortmund players Jaidon Sancho and Moroccan Ashraf Hakimi showed an inner shirt reading “Justice for George Floyd”, while French Marcus Thuram Borussia Monchengladbach celebrated by scoring a goal by kneeling on one knee, and Schalke American player Weston McKinney put a badge around his arm that read “Justice for George. ”

The German Confederation issued a statement in which it stated that the laws of the game prohibited the transmission of political messages in stadiums while expressing its understanding of the reaction.

“I have tremendous respect for players who have positions and express their solidarity. We need responsible players like them and I am proud of them. From an ethical point of view, I fully understand what they did at the end of the week. Since no one was affected by what happened,” the statement quoted the president of the federation as saying. in the United States”.

He added, according to the statement, “It is not allowed for people to be discriminated against because of the color of their skin, I very regret that they die because of this. Victims of racism need all of us to guarantee us.”

However, according to the laws in effect, the Disciplinary Committee of the Federation will be obliged to scrutinize the celebrations of the Bundesliga players, and to take a decision to open an investigation and impose possible sanctions.

“The law issued by the International Federation of Football Association (” IFAB “) and approved by the German Football Association for the 2019-2020 season indicates that the dress (for players) should not include any logo, message, or image belonging to a political figure, religious or personal. ”

“In every violation of these laws, the player or the team will be punished by the tournament organizer, the local association, or FIFA (the International Federation). Therefore, the disciplinary committee of the German Football Association will deal with this case.”