A war between Messi and Barcelona’s sports director Eric Abidal

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The crisis – which erupted between Argentinian star Lionel Messi and Barcelona sports director Eric Abidal – made fans fear its repercussions on the future of the Catalan club.

Added to this is the problem of the team’s volatile results and successive injuries, which have forced the choices of new coach Kiki Sittin, the thing that threatens the team’s career this season.

In his statements to the Sport newspaper, Abidal tried to justify the choices of the team during the past period, particularly concerning the dismissal of coach Ernesto Valverde.

However, the declarations of the former French player have triggered new crises which will be difficult to overcome quickly, to attack players and accuse them of not wanting to work under the direction of Valverde, until refusal of presentation of an offer to former star Xavi to train the team.

Messi quickly responded to Abidal’s statements and demanded that he reveal the names of the players he spoke of, and said that everyone should be responsible for their work and careful in making their decisions, and called on the sports administration to take responsibility for its decisions.

Press articles in Spain justified Messi’s position by his weariness in holding him responsible for everything that falls in Barcelona ​​and presented him as a controller in the team’s locker room and the last word in big decisions.

Followers await Abidal’s response after what Messi said, and that doesn’t preclude the former player and sports director from being forced to apologize or justify his statements that they were taken out of their context and poorly understood to avoid more problems that could lead the administration to abandon it to satisfy Messi.

Meeting with Xavi

Abidal will also face the expected reaction from Xavi after refusing any offer to the current Qatari club coach Al Sadd and saying that Xavi did not have enough experience to lead the Catalan club.

Abidal had traveled to Qatar and met Xavi after the Barcelona Super Cup semi-final outing earlier this year, and said his visit was to listen to Chafi’s plan and his perception of the state of the club, and that it was not a question of making an offer to train the team.

It looks like the new crisis will not go away until far-reaching changes occur in Barcelona that put an end to the causes of the eruption of current disputes and prevent their development to a level that affects the unity of the next team in an important stage of the season which will see the competition to settle the titles of all the competitions.

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