African magic caused the fall of the Algerian national team in CAN2021!!

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Algeria won the continental competitions “Cannes 2021” organized in Cameroon with a point and an orphan goal in three matches.

The Algerian national team fell in Group E, which includes Cote d’Ivoire and Equatorial Guinea, in addition to Sierra Leone, which participated in the African wedding for the first time in its history, a group that seems modest for the Greens thanks to the level of players and the reputation of the team.

The Greens came in full form, in which they won the continental title in 2019 for the second time in their history after 1990, and began the campaign to defend their title with a match against Sierra Leone participating for the first time in its history in the competition, and they have nothing to lose in facing the champion, but Sierra Leone’s defense is led by the goalkeeper He stood as an impenetrable dam on all attempts, and the latter came out with a 0-0 draw with the flavor of victory.


Everyone bet that the Greens have not yet shown their full strength thanks to a series of victories and draws, as they have not lost in 35 consecutive matches, and many claimed that they will appear in another way in the remaining matches in the group stage.

In the second match against Equatorial Guinea, the Algerian team started the match with a fierce attack on the opponent’s defense, and was unable, with the offensive equipment available to it, to score any goal, but was surprised by the goal of the eyes in the 70th minute from Obono, so that the Greens came out empty-handed in the second interview, wishing the soul On the return in the remaining interview in front of Ivory Coast.

The hero received all the support and psychological support, both from the technical and technical staff and from the fans who were not sad about what happened, and participated in the third interview on the basis of kidnapping the victory from Ivory Coast and qualifying among the best of the three and returning in the subsequent roles, but the Ivorians were not He has an easy western, but they devoured the greens with 3-1.

Algeria- Can2021

What is pathetic is not the Algerian team’s exit in the first round with an orphan point from a draw against a team that participated for the first time, but rather the statements that come from the Algerian fans, who attributed the reason for the exclusion to African magic, given that the teams that the Greens played against resorted to magic, and the evidence is according to Allegedly many attempts to register to no avail.

They added that the jinn are the ones who tackle the balls, not the players. But their statements were refuted by the goal scored in front of Ivory Coast, as if there really was a jinn confronting the Algerian attackers, he would not have scored that goal against the Côte d’Ivoire, and the genie could have tackled the ball in front of an empty net, it is a farce, gentlemen….

What laughs and cries at the same time, is the appearance of one of the Algerian sorcerers and performs spells to expel the alleged witches and imps in front of the Algerian players. in soccer.

In fact, African football has developed more than many imagine, especially some Algerian fans, and the evidence is that most of the African players are professionals in European clubs.