After 18 years at Copa America, Colombia beat Argentina 2-0

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Since 1999, Colombia is unable to beat Argentina in the Copa America, Andak winning 3-0 against Argentina, and has also failed to beat “Tango dancers” since 2007 in all international competitions.

This Sunday, Colombia beat Argentina 2-0 at the Arena Fonte Nova stadium in the first round of the Copa America groups organized by Brazil.

Argentina could not get into the match, despite repeated campaigns by the team led by Messi.

The brilliant performance of David Ospina prevented his opponent from reaching the goal until the end of the first period of the match.

At the start of the second half, the Argentinians stepped up their attacks. Still, Colombia’s dismal defense prevented the ball from reaching Argentina’s forwards.

Colombia’s goal was scored by Roger Martinez and Duvain Zapata in the 71st and 86th minutes. As a result, Khames Rodriguez and his colleagues collected 3 points at the head of group B, while Argentina remains at the end of the group standings without points.

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