After the armed robbery on Morata’s house, the houses of Zidane and Isco are robbed

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The theft of football star houses became a phenomenon in Europe, after three days of an armed attack to rob the home of the Spanish-elected striker Alvaro Murata while participating in a game of European nations ‘ playoffs with the Faroe Islands, Real Madrid’s home coach Zainuddin Zidan, and Isco were also robbed.

The program “Jogonis”, displayed on the channel “La secsta” Spanish, stated that Zidane and Isco were the last victims of the houses robbers of football stars.

As usual, they were robbed while they were outside the house, except for the Murata incident, where the gunmen stormed his house in Madrid while his family was in the house.

The program presenter said the Real Madrid administration was very concerned and advised all players to be very cautious in revealing their addresses to anyone and not to publish pictures of their homes on social media sites where it facilitates thieves’ task.

The homes of many football stars have been robbed this season in England, France and Spain.

For example, in Spain alone, ten football stars were robbed, including Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema, Barcelona Pique trio, Gordy Alba and Kevin Boateng, the latest being Murata, Zidane and Isco.

Source: Marca