All you need to know about the Champions League draw

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A few hours separate football fans from knowing the results of the Champions League draw – quarter and semi finals-, scheduled for tomorrow Friday in the Swiss city of Nyon, at exactly two o’clock in the afternoon Mecca time.

The quarter-finals will witness the absence of Italian teams, while at least one representative appears for the remaining 4 major leagues.

The English are considered the most present in the Round of 8, with the arrival of Chelsea, Manchester City and Liverpool, while Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund represent the German League.

Real Madrid is the sole representative of Spain, as are Paris Saint-Germain from France, and Porto from Portugal.

The rules of the draw

Is available in the quarter-finals, a collision of two teams from one country, which means the possibility of a confrontation between Bayern and its rivals Dortmund, or a pure English meeting.

Also, two teams who were together in one group may meet, which may happen with only one confrontation, between Manchester City and Porto.

Each team drawn first will play the first-leg match at home, against the opponent whose card will be drawn after.

These rules will be fully implemented in the semi-final draw as well, while a draw will be held for the final of the tournament, to determine the team that will be considered the host of the match, and who will be allowed to wear its main crew.


6-7 April dates : the first leg.

April 13-14: Return tour.

Semi-final dates

27 and 28 April: the first leg.

May 4 and 5: return round.

The final date

For the final match will be hosted by Ataturk Olympic Stadium, in Istanbul, Turkey, on May 29.

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