Amazon hiring 100000 new employeesand 4600 in Ohio as coronavirus increases online shopping demand

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In his plan to combat shop congestion and the mobility of people due to the widespread spread of the Coronavirus in the United States of America, the American e-commerce giant Amazon has resorted to announcing new jobs estimated at nearly 100,000, and only 4,600 of them in Ohio.

Amazon’s plan aims to increase the number of workers involved in distributing customer orders that have increased due to the necessity of a large number of citizens for their homes due to the precautionary measures taken by the country to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus, and also because of the closure of many shops and stores for fear of the pandemic.

The state of Ohio is widely known for the outbreak of the emerging coronavirus, as the state governor earlier stated that it is possible that the number of people infected with the Covid-19 virus will be infected to 100,000 citizens within the state alone.

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