Angered in Germany against Trump’s ambitions to control a vaccine to treat coronavirus

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Are we facing a cinematic story? A disease sweeps the world As researchers work to produce a treatment to save the lives of millions, one “evil” person is trying to control it!

The occasion of this introduction is reported by media outlets about German anger after reports that US President Donald Trump was seeking to obtain an exclusive vaccine package for the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19).

A number of German officials quickly criticized the United States for seeking to monopolize the exclusive rights to a drug against the Coronavirus, which is currently being developed by a company in Germany.

CureVac Biotechnology has been working on a vaccine against the newly created Corona virus for several weeks. “Reaching this vaccine is our top priority since last January,” said company spokesman Torsten Scholler, adding that the company is confident of delivering the vaccine until next summer, when it can be clinically tested after that.

How it works?

Although there are no detailed data from the company about the nature of the vaccine, the principle of vaccines in general is to give the person the germs of the disease that have been killed or weakened, which leads to the formation of immunity in his body against a specific disease.

And when these germs enter the body, they stimulate the immune system to form antibodies to a specific disease and immune memory, so that the immune system remembers the pathogen’s microbe and attacks it and eliminates it immediately when it enters the body the next time.

This way the body has immunity to the bacterium, without leading to complications or death for the person, because the bacterium is dead or weak.

Therefore, it is assumed that the vaccine on which the company “CureVac” is a component of the emerging corona viruses has been killed or weakened.

Germany is not for sale

German Minister of Economy Peter Altmire, close ally of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, said in a message in the English language to the United States of America today, Monday, during a seminar hosted by prominent German journalist Gabor Steingart “Germany is not for sale”, against the backdrop of the dispute between the two countries over the ownership rights of a vaccine Against the Corona virus.

On Sunday, the newspaper “Welt am Sonntag” reported, quoting government sources in Berlin, that America had offered the “Cure Vac” company, located in the city of Tübingen, a billion dollars to obtain the exclusive rights to a property that is currently being developed.

According to the report, according to government departments in the capital, Berlin, the American president is trying to attract German scientists to his country with large financial donations or to guarantee the vaccine exclusively for his country.

For his part, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said, “German researchers are leaders in the development of drugs and drugs. We cannot allow others to obtain the results of their research exclusively.” “We will be able to defeat this virus together, not against each other.”

For his part, the head of the Health Committee in the German Parliament, Arvin Ruddle wrote in his account on Twitter that “competition at this time is a wrong message”, stressing the importance of international cooperation and not only the national interest, “the virus does not stop at the borders, and the vaccine also should not be limited At certain limits. “

According to press reports in Germany, the company “CureVac” denied that it was considering concluding a contract with the United States to develop a vaccine against the emerging virus Corona exclusively for America.

To the whole world

In a statement to the German newspaper “Mannheimer Morgen”, the company’s CEO, Christoph Hettich, confirmed that they want to develop a vaccine “for the whole world, not for specific countries.”

Christian Lindner, leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, accused Trump of wanting to use this issue to support him in the upcoming elections, saying, “It is clear that Trump will use any available method in the election campaign.”

On the other hand, a US official told AFP on Sunday that the report “is greatly exaggerated .. The US government has spoken to several companies (more than 25) that it claims can help in developing a vaccine. Most of these companies have already received funding.” Initially from American investors. “

The official also denied that the United States was seeking to keep any possible vaccine for itself, asserting, “We will continue to speak to any company claiming to be able to help.” The official said that any solution found would be shared with the world.

The CureVac company was founded in 2000, and is headquartered in Baden-Württemberg, and has other headquarters in Frankfurt and Boston.

The company markets itself as a specialist in “developing anti-cancer therapies, antibody-based therapies, treatment of rare diseases and preventive vaccines”.

Source: Agencies, websites, Deutsche Welle