Another scandal for Apple, videos of users accessible to its employees

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Apple employees were able to watch videos of the privacy of some users of the company’s Cloud Cam camera to improve the mechanism of artificial intelligence in these cameras, according to Bloomberg News.

The agency cited sources involved in the process of developing the mechanism of artificial intelligence so that it can distinguish between actual threat cases such as the penetration of thieves in the place monitored by the camera, or ordinary incidents such as moving a cat on the spot, A duration of 20 to 30 seconds records the daily life of some users of this camera.

The agency pointed out that the mechanism of artificial intelligence, despite the facilities available to humans, still required human management, then addressed employees of Apple to view these videos, then to program the mechanism of artificial intelligence to determine the quality of the movements that occur in the monitored locations. Cameras, to trigger an appropriate alarm in case of theft.

A spokeswoman for the company told the agency that it took into account the privacy of customers and was keen to be the only one watching these clips. She added that these clips are obtained by the customers who supply them, in case they want to repair the quality of the camera, and are studied after approval. By the auditors of the company.

However, Bloomberg stated that the company did not explicitly explain to customers that it would show their videos to employees, especially since some of them record very private moments, although sources confirm that they are excluded from analysis.

The news agency reported that some sources had confirmed that even though Apple imposed restrictions on video analysis for workers, such as preventing them from carrying their cell phones to work, some of the videos had leaked.

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