Apple Deletes Hong Kong Police Tracking App from the App Store

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Apple has removed the HKmap app from the App Store, allowing you to monitor police movements in Hong Kong, Reuters reports. This came after Chinese media accused Apple of supporting protesters in Hong Kong.

The company explained the withdrawal of the app by stating that HKmap was breaking The App Store rules, with criminals using it to ambush residents in areas where there are no law enforcement officers. Apple also said it had received complaints about the HKmap from Hong Kong residents. After that, the company reviewed the application and decided that “it endangered the police and the residents of Hong Kong”.

Also, Apple has removed the Quartz press app from the Chinese App Store in Beijing, which has also caused discontent in Beijing, writes TheVerge. Quartz officials stated that this was due to the coverage of events in Hong Kong, and Apple’s notification indicates that the app contains illegal content in China. The Quartz site has been blocked in mainland China.

The app developer is not compatible with Apple

An app developer on his Twitter account said he did not agree with Apple’s decision and that there was no evidence to support the Hong Kong police’s claims that the app was used in Ambushes.

The developer stated that the app collects content from public posts on social networks and that app administrators will remove all content that seeks criminal activity and will prohibit attempts repeated lying this content in the app.

The developer added that “the majority of user reviews in the app store…indicates that the application improves public safety for citizens and not the other way around.”

Reasons for the protests

The protests in Hong Kong have been going on for several months. The protests were sparked by attempts by the authorities to pass an extradition bill to extradite offenders to mainland China. Despite Hong Kong administration chief Carrie Lam’s decision to abandon the initiative, protesters are still taking to the streets. They call for the convening of an independent commission to investigate police brutality during the dispersal of rallies, release all detained activists, stop calling the protests “riots” and proceed electoral reform to establish direct democratic elections in Hong Kong.
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