Apple dries Facebook and Google resources with new update

Apple has criticized Google and Facebook for collecting user data without their knowledge (Reuters)

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Apple recently launched the 13th update of its iOS operating system, which is characterized by many changes, especially in the field of privacy and security.

However, the biggest benefit that Apple has been wanting to include in this release is to monitor applications that collect data on users and alert them via notifications that appear on their phone screens.

Apple has long rejected the practices of some technology companies, such as Facebook and Google, which violate users’ privacy and collect information without the clear and uninformed needs of users, about the reasons for improving the user experience during the use of their products.

In the iPhone, unauthorized data collection is prohibited.

When you open the Facebook application, for example, the user of the iOS13 notices a notification requesting permission to open the Bluetooth feature.

You definitely need some applications to access Bluetooth to work properly (eg Fitbit Smartwatch). But other applications use Bluetooth to surreptitiously track people’s location using signals that are propagated in cities and commercial areas.

Google Maps lost

Another major change in the iOS13 operating system concerns location settings and can significantly affect companies such as Google and Facebook.

This feature in the updated operating system will allow the user to be informed of the frequency with which their location has been saved and which applications. You will do this proactively through a pop-up window showing a map of where you were tracked, including the option to allow or limit it.

Previously, many apps were able to follow you without your knowledge, and they were able to collect huge amounts of your data that they could use to target you with ads.

Similarly, another success for apps such as Facebook and WhatsApp is a change in the iOS update that does not allow email and messaging applications to run in the background when the software is not in use really. Previously, apps like this one were able to collect information about what you were doing on your device.

Apple fights Facebook and Google

People have become more aware of how their data is being used, as a result of incidents such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal. In this context, many changes to the iOS13 operating system can be considered a direct success on Apple’s competitors, highlighting their data collection practices and giving iPhone users the ability to stop them.

Of course, Apple has faced technical problems, especially after confirming a vulnerability in the iOS13 system last month, and faces users’ anger after detecting and monitoring Siri’s conversations. But he is trying to fix these things by releasing these features into the updated iPhone operating system.

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