Apple and Google begin testing coronavirus-infected contact tracking system

On April 29, Apple and Google began testing a common system designed to track contacts of infected coronavirus using mobile devices.

Recall that the companies announced a joint project to combat the spread of the coronavirus in early April. The future system will allow you to follow the spread of the coronavirus using smartphones. For this device, they will use Bluetooth wireless technology, which has a short-range, as well as applications approved by health authorities. These applications will collect data on the exchange of Bluetooth signals with other smartphones, creating a kind of user contact card. If he passes a positive test for the coronavirus, he can indicate this in the application, after which the system will send notifications on the potential risk of infection to other connected users who were next to the infected. Use of the system is intended to be voluntary.

According to The Verge, on April 29, Apple released new beta versions of the Xcode 11.5 software development environment and the iOS 13.5 operating system. The first tools appeared for developers to create applications containing APIs, and the beta version of iOS contains code to launch future applications of healthcare organizations. Similar updates for Google Play and Android Developer Studio services have been released by Google.

On April 30, the two companies plan to issue instructions for developers to create apps to monitor contacts via Bluetooth. Later, companies plan to integrate new features directly into Android and iOS.

According to the latest data, more than 3.3 million cases of coronavirus are registered worldwide. The leaders in the number of cases identified are the United States (1.09 million cases), Spain (236.9 thousand cases), and Italy (239.6 thousand cases). A total of 205.4 thousand people died from coronavirus and 1.039 million patients were cured.

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