Apple hopes Siri will be a “doctor” in 2021

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Apple is developing its Siri voice assistant, so the imminent release of iOS 13 will include some interesting updates to the voice assistant, according to a new report by the British newspaper “The Guardian”.

The list of upgrades listed for release by the fall of 2021 can have a frequent conversation about health issues, integrated machine translation, and new hardware support for a new device.

According to the report, the next version of Siri will be equipped with more expanding capabilities, with greater integration into applications, giving Apple’s smartwatch more powerful access to capabilities and applications, such as Shazam Find My Friends and the App Store.

Besides, reading text messages is automatically read through the company’s AirPods, similar to the similar functionality in CarPlay, which appeared in iOS 13 beta versions.

Apple revealed at its annual conference of developers WWDC that guiding Siri down the road would be more natural and useful in iOS 13, so instead of hearing Siri say, “After 1000 feet turn left, he’ll say, turn left at the next traffic light. “

Regardless of iOS 13, Apple has some of the most ambitious plans for its intelligent personal assistant. If everything goes as planned, Apple will offer a version of Siri with iOS 14 that will discuss with users various health issues.

The report suggests that Siri can be used next to a WebRX-style system to collect symptoms and turn them into health recommendations.

Although the full scope of Apple’s plans with Siri in this regard remains unclear, it’s not surprising at all, given Apple’s continued involvement in the healthcare field.

In recent years, Apple has doubled its health monitoring and fitness features on its SmartWatch, and has launched with the fourth generation, application (ECG) to produce an electrocardiogram that has so far proven to be beneficial, and alerted users of life-threatening heart disease.

In recent years, Apple has doubled the number of health and fitness monitoring features, and with the fourth-generation, “Series 4,” introduced the ECG application to produce an electrocardiogram (ECG), which has proven useful in alerting users of life-threatening heart disease.
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