Apple launches a sale of iPhone 11 and a large turnout in the United States and China

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The demand for the iPhone 11 seems to be better than expected, according to a report by analyst Chi-Chi Kuo.

He explained in his report on Sunday that the demand for the latest iPhone phones from Apple (iPhone 11) and (iPhone 11 Pro) came better than expected, after the start of pre-demand for phones.

Strong demand for new colors

The analyst based his predictions largely on Apple’s estimates of online charging, citing strong demand for new colors: Midnight Green for the iPhone 11 Pro, and the green and purple color of the iPhone 11.

Ming Chi Kuo warned that the glass production problems of the midnight green iPhone 11 Pro means that the availability of this model is currently limited.

The new report has shown that the demand for the iPhone 11 Pro – the most expensive – is higher in the United States, while the Chinese market is more interested in the iPhone 11 at low prices.

Given the first positive signs, TF Securities has raised its estimate of new iPhone deliveries in 2019 to 70-75 million units, against 65 to 70 million previously.

Interest-free payment

The Senior Analyst also stated that the availability of exchange programs and interest-free payment plans helped boost promotions.

In addition to the appeal of the new colors, Apple has become more realistic in terms of the price of the iPhone 11 to $ 699, adding features such as the new ultra-wide lens, improved battery life, and upgraded video level to 4K.

The report explained that the price of an iPhone 11 makes it an ideal choice for owners of iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 7s.

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro offer enhancements, such as night mode, 4K video dynamics, and 60 fps, 20 percent faster performance thanks to the A13 processor chip, better durability, and durability. water, and the new U1 segment of the site.

It should be noted that Apple has opened the door of pre-orders on the new flagship phones a few days ago, before the launch of the new iPhone series “iPhone 11” next Friday, September 20.