Apple releases an emergency update for iPhone to bridge the vulnerability gap

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Apple has been forced to issue an emergency update after mistakenly facilitating hackers to break the restrictions for the latest version of its iOS operating system.

Last July, Apple released the iOS 12.4 operating system, an update that includes an old error that Apple had previously fixed. Hackers realized Apple’s mistake and released a program to break the protection of iPhones, called JailBreak, the first time in years that JailBreak could be used to break the protection of iPhones.

Apple released Monday the operating system IOS 12.4.1, which is working to fix the bug again.

Security researchers have warned that hackers could have used old mistakes that have been reintroduced by Apple to hack iPhone users.

One of these researchers said that anyone can use the old loophole that has been reintroduced by Apple “to hack any updated iPhone.”

Apple did not immediately respond to requests for comments, and the company only thanked a Google searcher who found the original mistake, and also thanked the hacker, “Pwn20wnd”, who developed the “JailBreak” program again.