The VAR in the eye of the storm, Real Madrid with its heart…Arbitration decisions in favor of Real Madrid were rejected by Barca

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On the corner of the Spanish Football League title, Real Madrid has come after several pitfalls for Barcelona, ​​who escalate his stances against the referees and indirectly accuse them of favoring Real Madrid and helping him win the title.

In 6 out of 7 matchs after the League stopped due to the Corona virus, there were controversial arbitration decisions in the eyes of the Catalan team and objected by administrators and players, and it came to the point that club president Josep Bartomeo accused the video rule technology (mouse) of serving one team, in reference to the royal team .

Since the team leads the table by 4 points, it is expected – at least from the point of view of the Blaugrana – to accuse the referees of assisting him in several decisions securing him victories.

However, what are these decisions? What is the opinion of the Spanish Oliver Andokhar arbitration expert on Radio “Marca”?

Real Madrid – Eibar: the first rematch after stopping due to the Corona virus and won by Real 3-1. At the time, controversy arose over the first goal scored by Toni Crosse, and Karim Benzema was said to have sneaked the moment the ball was passed, but Spanish refereeing expert Oliver Andokhar confirmed that The target was reviewed by the mouse, and if the IBAR cannon had covered the offside then the target was legitimate.

Real Madrid – Valencia: Real won 3-0 in the second half, but before this wide result, Spain’s Rodrigo Moreno scored a goal for Valencia that the mouse eliminated due to offside, although Moreno teammate Maxi Gomez did not touch the ball, but he obscured the vision of the Real players.

And about this goal, Andokhar says that “Gomez was involved in playing with a veil of vision, and the referee’s decision is good and correct.” This decision called for a sarcastic response to Instagram from Chilean Arturo Vidal, the Barcelona player who put a picture of the target shot and laughing expressions.

Real Madrid – Real Sociedad: The most controversial match since the return of the competitions, as it witnessed 3 decisions that Barca and his fans believe Real won from it to win a difficult match 2-1.

The first of the decisions was a penalty that was calculated in favor of Vinceius Jr., although the docking was not strong, but Andukhar said, “The decision is correct, and the mouse did not amend the ruling, although the docking was not strong, but any mistake entered the penalty area is considered a penalty.”

The second decision: a goal for Real Sociedad which was canceled by the referee on the grounds of infiltration, and the mouse confirmed the decision, and Andujar considered that the decision was correct because the attacker was in a position of infiltration and withholding the vision from the Belgian, Tipo Courtois, the Real guard.

The third decision: The winning goal was scored by Benzema after he tamed the ball with an area between his hand and shoulder, but the referee counted the goal, and the mouse confirmed it, and Andukhar assured that there was no hand touch on the French striker.

Real Madrid-Mallorca: Merengue won the match with two goals without a response, the first was scored by Vinicius Junior, and before the goal it was said that there was a mistake by Danny Carbajal, but the referee did not return to the error and the mouse did not alert him.

“At the beginning of the shot, there was an error that should be awarded, but the judgment deemed it legitimate,” said Andukhar.

Real Madrid – Espanyol: Merengue won the match with a clean goal scored by Casemiro after a charming pass from Benzema, and before the goal there was an error inside the penalty area for the French striker, but the referee did not see, and the mouse did not intervene and the match was completed.

A charming pass from Benzema to Casemiro from which the goal of winning the Espanyol match (Getty)
Real Madrid – Getafe: The sons of Zinedine Zidane won a clean goal in a difficult match, and Sergio Ramos was decisive again by scoring with a goal from the penalty spot.

And about the match, the refereeing expert, Andukhar, says that “the penalty kick that was calculated for the riyal is indisputable.” He pointed out that in the first half there was a mistake made by Carbajal, the back of Real, against Oliveira, the back of Getafe in the penalty area of ​​the riyal, but the referee did not count any penalty.

Athletic Bilbao – Real Madrid: The last game played by the Real and saw an arbitration controversy, the match ended with the victory of the Spanish capital team with a clean goal scored by Ramos from a penalty that Andokhar confirmed its authenticity.

But the controversy touched upon a footage of Ramos intruding Bilbao’s player Raul Garcia inside the penalty area, and the referee considered it unintentional, and the mouse did not interfere, and Andujar clarified that “Ramos stepped on Garcia’s foot by mistake, and it was an involuntary movement.”

Seville – Barcelona: Barca’s first games, its negative tie lost him two points and the lead together, and asked Barca to expel Brazilian Diego Carlos after a foul on Lionel Messi, the Blaugrana captain.

Celta Vigo – Barcelona: Another match in which Barcelona lost two more points by a 2-2 tie, and the deadly goal for Vigo came from a free kick by Iago Aspas from a mistake made by Gerard Pique on Ravenia on the outskirts of the penalty area, but the team players objected to the calculation of the error, and this is what he confirmed Expert Andukhar that the error does not exist.

Source: Spanish press