Artificial intelligence separates between Messi and Ronaldo

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The comparison between the Argentian Lionel Messi and the rocket Madeira Cristiano Ronaldo barely stopped and came out of the green rectangle to other sides. A new scientific study compared the players and resulted in an exciting result.

The rivalry between Barcelona star Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronald is created to stay, even though the latter left the Spanish competitions to Italian. Although this rivalry between them includes titles, rewards, and goals, she has become among the fans of players in other aspects far away from the world of football, some now based on the number of cars or real estate owned by Messi and Ronaldo, and even the number of fans on social networks is also linked with this competition.

But the question that ignites each time this competition is: who is the best, Messi or Ronaldo? A question is not complicated, but his answer goes through the history of matches, goals and attendance, field presence, and titles crowned.

It is precisely for this reason that a team of researchers from the Belgian University of KU Leuven has paved the way for the search for a solution based on artificial intelligence. For this, the team has developed a new set of measures to determine the impact of football players on their teams’ results, not just on goals or assists; otherwise, it is easy to find an answer.

“Goals and crucial aids often determine the value of a football player,” said one of the study participants, Professor Jesse Davis. “It is rare to score a goal in the match because it takes about 1600 actions to achieve during the match.” “Our program takes into account the movements, the shots, the passes and the dodgers of each player to calculate the value on all these bases”, adds the professor who is chosen to determine the best of the players. According to Davis, the program is based on this data, which analyzes what the player is doing and whether it benefits the team or modifies its outcome.

In the case of the comparison which does not want to end between Messi and Ronaldo, the program relied on the data of all the matches of the Spanish league of the season 2013-2014 until 2017/2018, and the team research excluded the rest of the competitions from this period. The final result was that the computer arrived that Leo Messi was more decisive for his team’s matches; his value was twice as valuable as Ronaldo for Real Madrid at the time. The argentian averaged 1.21, while Ronaldo had only 0.61.

On the subject of results, Professor Davies says: “We see a specific trend among most footballers: either they do a lot of low-value actions, like Paul Pogba with Manchester United, or players touching the ball a little, but have a greater impact on determining the results of matches, just like Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Kane, and Mohamed Salah.

He adds about Messi, saying: “Messi is exceptional in this area by all measures: the Argentian has a huge number of procedures and has a very great value.”

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