Astronomical numbers in the world of football, despite the global epidemic

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Whoever believes that the footballing world with its fictional deals will be subject to correction due to the repercussions of the Corona pandemic, the last calculations prove that the situation will remain as it is.

In the latest edition of 303 of the French newspaper CIES, which deals with the value of players in the Mercato sport, the newspaper “Sports Observer” presented the most prominent players whose marketing value will increase if they renew their contracts with their clubs, despite the expectations that accompanied the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic and predicted a correction that a world of football might witness. The foot in deals and wages is toward the “reasonable”, far from the astronomical numbers that the round witch has shocked her audience.

However, the aforementioned French site connected to the exact opposite of this by issuing a list of potential “beneficiaries of an extension”, which was led by German Dortmund player Gordon Sancho about 43 million euros added to its current marketing value, followed by French Kylian Mbappe with 39 million, then Rahim Sterling 31.2 million euros.

In the case of Mbappe specifically, his stay with Paris Saint-Germain for another year after the expiry of a contract in June 2022, will make his marketing value jump to 281 million euros, and thus he will become one of the most expensive players in the European market, according to the French “sports observer”.

This comes at a time when the French club is trying to persuade the striker to extend his contract, amid a series of rumors that strongly linked the name of Mbappe and Barcelona or his rivals Real Madrid, and at a less severe level between the player and Liverpool.

In fact, Saint Germain finds himself in a difficult situation, as he is faced with the option to accept the departure of Mbappe this summer, which is what coach Zinedine Zidane hopes in Madrid, but if his colleague Neymar actually left for Barcelona as he waits for that two years ago, the need for Mbappe may increase. more than ever.

If Mbappe remains for another season with the team, Paris Saint-Germain will benefit financially and earn the time factor in his favor, which will give him the comfort to bargain.

Thus the best options appear to the French club extending the player’s contract.

It is noteworthy that Raheem Sterling was ranked second on the list of the largest beneficiaries with a marketing value of 194 million euros in the event of renewal with Manchester City, and 163 million euros in exchange for the Sadio Mane services if he is also renewed with his team, Liverpool.

As for the flea Messi, which, unlike the three mentioned, will end in a year, its marketing value will jump from 80 to about 115 million euros.