At long last, Google fixes the worst of Chrome!

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However, Chrome has a huge disadvantage, as it consumes the resources of the device that it is running on, and it has a major impact on the battery life on laptops. Google is now taking steps to address the issue, and it’s no wonder it’s about advertising.

On Thursday, Google announced that it would protect its browser users from massive resource ads soon, but it made it look like this was a new issue that had recently emerged.

Battery life drain

People have complained about the browser for years, to the extent that tutorials on how to prevent Chrome from depleting battery life appeared on the Internet, and the company has tried to fix the battery problem in the past as well.

Also the cool thing about Google’s new announcement is that the company wants to fix things, at least officially, as the company wants to save (hardware batteries and data plans, and provide them with a good web experience) from now on.

This will be done by specifying the resources that the ad can use before the user interacts with it. If the ad violates the new rules, it will be disabled. Google also provides an example for the Chrome browser for Android, but we hope that the feature will work on the desktop.

In turn, the company says it targets (the most terrible ads) that use CPU and network bandwidth more than 99.9% of all ads detected for this resource.

Additionally, Google will test the feature in the coming months, and introduce it to the stable release of Chrome in August.