Bad news for Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona!

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FC Barcelona could well find themselves in a very complicated situation and compose without its star. According to Spanish media reports, Lionel Messi is expected to be out for about a month after the Argentine injured his calf.

The daily RAC1 reports that the Blaugrana striker may be out for a month after feeling a lot of pain at training on Wednesday morning. Pulga could well miss their club’s Champions League debut.

However, this information is to be taken with tweezers since the Catalan club has still not communicated on the subject.

‼️ NOTÍCIA @EsportsRAC1 Leo Messi s’estarà un mes de baixa. Ahir va tenir un problema físic mentre continuava amb el seu procés de recuperació #frac1

— El Barça juga a RAC1 (@FCBRAC1) 28 août 2019

Messi struggled to get back in shape after injuring his calf while playing for Argentina at the Copa America earlier this summer. The 32-year-old Five-time Ballon d’Or winner works closely with the club’s physical trainers.

Fortunately for the Argentina international and Barcelona, there will be an international break after the club’s next match with Osasuna this weekend. As a result, the number of matches missed by Messi will be reduced by at least one, if his injury proves as serious as he is alleged.

Barcelona started the season with a defeat to Athletic Bilbao before defeating Real Betis 5-2 without Messi.

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