Balance of military power between America and Iran

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Indicators have intensified for almost three weeks with a possible war between the United States and Iran, particularly after oil tanker accidents in the Gulf of Oman, and the felling of a US aircraft today by the Guardians of the Iranian Revolution.

Given the state of alertness of the region, we take a look at the balance of military power between the two countries in terms of human and logistical potential.

Soldiers and Reservists

Of a million and 400,000 US military personnel on active duty, and $ 1,100,000 in reserve, the United States deployed troops at 750 military bases in at least 130 countries.

In contrast, Iran, according to the global fire port, is ranked eighth in the world in terms of troop numbers, with a total of 545,000 soldiers.

The IRGC is one of the pillars of the Iranian military force and, according to military reports, comprises some 90,000 soldiers, while the Jerusalem Corps has some 18,000.

Aircraft of attack

Iran has about 480 warplanes, against more than 13,000 warplanes in the United States.

Land forces

Iran has more than 1,600 tanks, compared to about 9,000 tanks in the United States, but this difference is much greater in the number of combat vehicles, where Washington has thirty times what Tehran possesses.

Countries are getting closer to the number of rocket launchers.

Naval forces

Iranian navy employs about 18,000 soldiers in some 400 nautical pieces, while the United States has 20 aircraft carriers and 430 warships.

Defense systems
United States has a “Thad” system, an anti-missile air defense system that can intercept ballistic and intermediate missiles at extreme heights, used by the United States of America and a number of its allies.

While Iran has an air defense system called “Power 373”, a missile system identical to the Russian “s 300” system, “Iranian-made Fully Demade”.

Iran has several short, medium and long-range missiles, working to develop its missile system in the period before and after the Islamic revolution, especially under Western restrictions and pressure.

Military spending

United States leads the military in the world, with a defense budget of about $ 714 billion, while Iran ranks 14th in the world with a defense budget of more than $ 6 billion.

Source: agencies