Bale and Zidane … an escalating dilemma, with no solutions in sight

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The Welsh star Gareth Bale returns to Madrid after ending his participation with his country in the European Nations League, a comeback that may enter Bale, Real Madrid and coach Zinedine Zidane in a tunnel without light at the end.

The royal is looking for a solution to the dilemma of the player’s re-participation in the team’s training, especially after Bale accused his team of obstructing his departure from the summer of 2019, considering that Real Madrid “makes things very difficult (regarding his departure).”

This accusation constituted the “drop that overflowed the cup” in the relationship between the two parties, and confirmed that the Welsh star had no place at the Bernabéu.

But the problem is that the “Merengue” has not received any offer so far to contract with Bale, yet the Spanish team remains optimistic that it will reach an agreement to leave Bale, and the club closest to winning his services is Manchester United who wants to join him, but he has not made any offer so far.

And English media reports say that Bill is approaching Old Trafford, and these reports add that Tottenham’s coach Jose Mourinho was hoping to join him, but the “Spurs” could not afford the value of the deal and the player’s salary.

In addition to all of the above, the Real Madrid players are upset with the way Bale deals with his crisis and his handling of his thorny relationship with Zidane, not to mention his strange and provocative behavior from the bench, in addition to his refusal to travel to Manchester with the team to face City in the second leg of the Champions League final price, and what is worse is that they They no longer see him as part of the team.

“Los Blancos” hoped that a new confrontation and meeting between Bale and Zidane would not occur due to the tense and unfriendly relationship between the two parties, but the player will return tomorrow to the sports city of the team.

With a month left on the closing of the winter Mercato, the Real intensifies its attempts to sell the player, who has two years remaining in his contract, earns 12 million euros annually, and his high salary is a major obstacle for the teams to join him or even borrow him.

The departure of Bale and not staying on the club’s statements is beneficial to the latter and the coach, as Real wants to reduce his monthly salary bale and “Zizou” wants to include a new player in his place.

In conclusion, the Madrid newspaper “MARCA” confirms that the Real will not allow Bill to leave for free, and will ask for money in exchange for his transfer to any team.

Source : Spanish Press