Barcelona players: solve your crisis far from our pockets

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The Barcelona administration has failed to reach an agreement with the team’s players and club employees to deduct their salaries and help face the crisis resulting from the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

Despite the expiration of the deadline given to the players on Wednesday, the delegation representing the team’s interim management – after the resignation of former President Josep Maria Bartomeu – presented a new proposal that might constitute a breach in the negotiations. They gave the players additional time until the 23rd of this month to study it in the hope of reaching a solution that satisfies all parties.

The interim administration kept the same proposals made by the late Bartomeu administration, which aimed to reduce players’ annual salaries by a total of 190 million euros.

The Corona outbreak has severely hit the Catalan team and will lose more than 300 million euros from the revenues of the 2020-2021 season. The Spanish media indicates that if no agreement is reached between the two parties in the coming days, Barça will act unilaterally.

It is noteworthy that Spaniard Gerrard Pique, Dutch Frankie de Jong, French Clement Langley, and German Marc-Andre ter Stegen reached an agreement with the club’s management and extended their contracts before the start of the salary deduction negotiations.

Source : Spanish Press

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