FC Barcelona: Lionel Messi wants to make peace and calls for unity

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Lionel Messi wants to put things flat after making the international press’s cabbage following his desire to leave FC Barcelona. Now, far from these thoughts, the Argentina international wants to make peace with the supporters and calls for unity in this time of crisis.

Lionel Messi has told Barcelona fans he only has the club’s best interests at heart during his dispute with management.

The six-time Ballon d’Or winner tried to leave Camp Nou earlier after being disappointed with the club’s management, which is in one of the biggest crises since its inception; after a huge debate over the release clause of his contract, the Argentinean decided to stay.

Indeed, the 33-year-old is ready to put everything behind him, as he expressed it in an interview with the Spanish daily Sport.

“ After so many disagreements, I would like to put an end to it. All Barcelona supporters must unite to think that the best is yet to come, ”he said, before admitting his wrongs.

” I accept my mistakes, and if I did, it was only to make FC Barcelona better and stronger, ” adds the Barça captain.

” I would like to send a message to all the ‘companies’ (Socios, subscribers, in Catalan language, editor’s note) and to all the fans who follow us: if someone could have been bothered by what I did or said, let him know that I have always done it in the best interests of the club.” ” We must add passion to the imagination to achieve our goals; we must stay united and look in the same direction, ” he added.