Bayern Munich clinches El Clasico and is close to its eighth title in a row…With video of the season shot

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Bayern Munich moved closer to crowning the Bundesliga title for the eighth consecutive season, after winning a valuable victory against its traditional rival Borussia Dortmund.

Bayern Munich succeeded in overcoming an important station on the way to maintain the title of German champions, after beating direct chase Borussia Dortmund in his home, with a clean goal, today, Tuesday, in the opening of the twenty-eighth stage of the competition.

Bayern Munich’s winning goal came at the Signal Idona Park stadium two minutes before the first half of the match and scored by Yuzua Kimmich, taking advantage of a fatal mistake for Dortmund goalkeeper Roman Burke, who was ahead of his goal, which allowed Kimmich to play the ball smart, high behind Burke.

The Bavarians managed to defend their goals in the second half, forbidding the Dortmund players from a tie, to end the meeting with the only goal for Munich, and three very important points, raising its score to 64 points, seven points behind the second Dortmund.

And with six stages remaining in the league, Dortmund’s chances appear very weak to win the lead and win the league title, which Bayern Munich has monopolized for seven seasons, and is preparing to win its thirtieth title in the history of the competition.

The Bavarian club renewed its victory over Borussia Dortmund after it was crushed by a clean four-way back in Munich, to achieve its 48th victory in 102 matches in the history of the two teams’ matches against 25 losses and 29 draws.

On the other hand, Borussia Dortmund failed to return consideration to his humiliating loss back and suffered a painful blow in his quest for the ninth title in his history and the first since 2012, as he was Yemeni by winning to narrow the difference to one point and ignite the competition for the title, but now he is threatened with catching Leipzigba to the title In the event that the latter wins over his guest Hertha Berlin on Wednesday at the end of the stage.

It is the first loss for Borussia Dortmund in its last seven games and the first after two wins after the resumption of competitions.

In the rest of the matches that were held today, Wolfsburg prevented Bayer Leverkusen from narrowing the difference with Borussia Dortmund, and overcame it by 1/4, freezing the balance of Bayer Leverkusen at 53 points and falling to fifth place with a goal difference behind Monchengladbach, and by one point behind Leipzig and four points behind Dortmund, While Wolfsburg raised its score to 42 points in sixth place.

Eintracht Frankfurt escaped defeat against Freiburg and drew 3/3, raising the first to 29 points in 14th place, compared to 38 points for Freiburg in seventh.

Werder Bremen tied with Borussia Monchengladbach negatively, raising the first to 22 points in the seventeenth place before the last, compared to 53 points for Monchengladbach in fourth.

What distinguished the meeting between the Bavarian team and Dortmund was that in the 33rd minute, when Norwegian striker and Dortmund striker Erling Halland were right next to Bayern Munich goalkeeper Manuel Neuer and was close to scoring the first goal, but Canada’s Alfonso Davis had another idea.

The 19-year-old was just before the midfielder, when the ball was passed to Halland, who managed to get past defender Jeremy Boateng and headed towards the goal for the Bavarian team, but Davis used his speed and reached the young Norwegian and extracted the ball from him, preventing him from scoring a goal.

Commenting on this shot, his German colleague Thomas Muller described his teammate as “a player with a big heart, strength, passion and super speed” and compared him to the cartoon character “Roadrunner”, famous by its high speed.

Belgian star Romelu Lukaku, surprised by his speed, was also praised.

Social media was also filled with comments and interactions about this snapshot and the incredible speed of the Canadian player.