In Video Bayern Munich defeats PSG and crowns its sixth European Champions League title

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The curtain has fallen on the longest season in history, with Bayern Munich winning the sixth title in its history in the European Champions League soccer championship, after its 1-0 victory in the final over Paris Saint-Germain, who qualified for the final for the first time in its history.

And at Al-Nour Stadium in the Portuguese capital Lisbon, Bayern Munich won 1-0, and Kingsley Coman scored the winning goal with a header in the 59th minute.

It was evident the extreme concern and fear of the offensive rush from the two teams, and this was reflected in the first half that witnessed the control of Bayern Munich, but he did not witness only some few attacks, the most dangerous of which was the attack led by Neymar from the left side and ended it with a strong shot brilliantly saved twice by German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer In the 17th minute, the right post also saved a goal by Bayern Munich.

But the risk increased with the last minute of the first half, when Bayern’s defense made a mistake in passing the ball that reached Mbappe, steps away from the goal, but it was aimed weakly at the hand of Manuel Neuer.

Bayern responded with a dangerous attack to Gnabry, who passed from the right side and hit a strong cross, but Saint-Germain keeper Keylor Navas saved her.

Before the referee blows the whistle at the end of the half, Bayern Munich players demanded a penalty kick as a result of grabbing and blocking Koeman inside the St. Germain penalty area, but the referee – after consulting the video assistant referee (the mouse) – decided to resume playing.

The excitement increased in the second half, and Bayern pressured until he built an organized attack from the right, which Kimmich ended with a cross that crossed all the St Germain defenders and reached Koman, who deposited it on the left of Navas, scoring the match goal.

Lewandowski was almost alone with Navas in the 82nd minute, but Thiago Silva blocked him before he became close to scoring the second goal for Bayern.

The 90th minute saw a dangerous counterattack by Saint Germain, which Mbappe ended with a cunning pass behind the defenders of Neymar, who fired it outside the goal, to eliminate the last hope of a draw for his team.

Thus, Bayern has scored an exceptional season and achieved the treble (League, German Cup and Champions League) for the second time in its history, after it was crowned in 2013 under the leadership of its former coach Joop Heynckes.

Bayern began his play-offs in Lisbon with a landslide 8-2 victory over Barcelona in the quarter-finals, but despite his 3-0 victory in the semi-final against Lyon, France, he showed some weaknesses in his defensive performance, but Lyon’s strikers did not make good use of them.

Bayern did not taste defeat in all the 11 matches he played in the tournament, and scored 43 goals for only 8 goals, and kept his record free of defeats in the last 30 matches he played since last December.

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