The green app is essential…Be careful of alternatives to WhatsApp

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After the great controversy raised by the WhatsApp application in recent days, following the announcement of the update of its privacy policy, which provided that the user accepts the new conditions that appear to him during the use application no later than February 8, 2021 or deletes their account, the company announced that the appointment was postponed and accepted for a period of 3 months, With an emphasis on the non-suspension or removal of the anyone’s account on the date mentioned.

What if the new WhatsApp app policy gives more freedom to integrate with other Facebook apps and allows users to easily communicate with businesses, which means the app will collect a large portion of your data and share it with Facebook? Other alternatives immediately emerged for the green app close to most people, including Telegram and Signal, which prompted WhatsApp to clarify some solid principles and facts in its app to users, which looked like this:

The WhatsApp app’s design is based on a straightforward idea that what you share with your friends and family members remains limited to you and the person you share with.

The WhatsApp application also preserves its users’ privacy as personal conversations are encrypted through the two parties’ full encryption function. It is not even possible for WhatsApp or Facebook to see these private messages.

Additionally, the new updates include additional options for people writing to businesses through WhatsApp to improve transpare&ncy on how WhatsApp collects and uses data.

Did you know it’s the safest?

There is no doubt that any app has pros and cons, and there is not yet an app that everyone agrees on, but did you know that WhatsApp is more secure than the Telegram app? , despite all the controversy that currently surrounds it!

The Telegram app has been the biggest competitor to the WhatsApp app for years, even before the recent controversy surrounding WhatsApp’s update of its privacy policy, as Telegram has increased its user base in recent years. Hiss days and exceeded 500 million monthly users, offers many unique features that make it a stronger alternative to WhatsApp.

But the worst thing about the app, which not many people know, is that the app relies on “server-client encryption” in private chats and group chats and uses the “encryption” feature end-to-end ‘only in secret chats, which means everything You send it in private and group chats, whether text, images, videos, or files, anyone with access to Telegram servers can view it at any time.

All of the above means that if the Telegram app is hacked at any time, and it is very likely, all that data will be in hackers’ hands, while it is not possible in the WhatsApp app, which provides the setting end-to-end encryption By default, for all users over two billion users today, WhatsApp is, therefore, the most popular encrypted instant messaging application in the world.

What about WhatsApp privacy?

Additionally, if we take a look at Telegram’s privacy policy, we will find that it requires your phone number to create an account and access to your contacts during registration, your username, and photo of your account. Optionally, if you want to use the two-factor authentication feature using email, the company will collect it. However, the company claims that the data it collects is not used in advertisements.

The Telegram app also collects your device’s basic data and IP addresses. The only way to make sure that no one is reading your conversations is to use Telegram’s secret chat feature.

Good WhatsApp security

Yes, there is no doubt that Facebook’s focus on data collection and processing conflicts with secure and private messaging principles. It is also clear that the WhatsApp application is now focused on commercial services, shopping, and payments. We can still confirm that WhatsApp security is good, so do not stop using it until you are completely sure that you want to move to another application, clearly identifying the best alternative that will deal with your data.

The application (Signal) is so far the best alternative for both WhatsApp and Telegram, thanks to the features it offers to protect privacy. Still, security experts also indicate that the company’s non-profit status developing the application raises many questions when data collection has become the most important thing for companies in any sector, whether large or small.

Accordingly, it isn’t easy to find an application that everyone agrees on. Still, there is a rule that you must follow with any application you use on your phone, which is to check the settings and try to adjust those settings that help you protect your privacy, as well as reduce the permissions that you test for any application to the maximum extent possible.