Beat Benzema and Ronaldo … the wronged player at Real Madrid

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Bad luck against Real Madrid striker Mariano Diaz, as the time came to stop the championships in Spain due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, at an important juncture in the player’s march with the Royal.

After a disappointing season for the young striker, who was forgotten by coach Zinedine Zidane on the bench, he participated and provided the addition and scored against Barcelona in his first appearance this season in the League.

A week later, he again participated against Real Betis, marking the first time that he has played two consecutive games since May 2019.

And Diaz is the least-player since the return of “Zizou” to the Royal again last season, and participated in 269 minutes in 9 games out of 50 royal games.

However, statistics indicate that Diaz is one of the most influential players in Merengue because he has never scored in the history of the Real 10 goals during this number of minutes of play.

The player scored his goals in 37 games or 962 minutes, meaning that he scored his ten goals in less than 30% of the time available in these matches.

Diaz’s scoring rate is one goal in 26.38 minutes, and Frenchman Karim Benzema comes second, as he scored his first 10 goals in the royal shirt in 37 games, but he needed 1827 minutes (an average of 49.29 minutes per goal), about twice the time Diaz needed.

As for Ronaldo, who finished eighth on the list, he scored his first goals in 31 games, and he needed 1993 minutes, and his average in the first 10 goals he scored reached 69.39 minutes for each goal.