Because Coronavirus Apple reports a shortage of replacement iPhones incorporate service centers

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Apple has alerted technical support staff to an impending shortage of replacement iPhone smartphones in service centers due to a coronavirus outbreak. This was reported by the employees of Bloomberg from the Apple Store.

According to The Verge, we’re talking about smartphones designed to deliver owners of severely damaged devices that can’t be repaired. It is also reported that in some service centers, there are not enough spare parts for repairing the iPhone. The company’s forecast is that the shortage from a supply chain failure will last two to four weeks. The company has also authorized service centers to deliver new smartphones to customers by mail as soon as the devices are available.

A Bloomberg report also indicates a likely shortage of iPhone 11 smartphones and iPad Pro tablets on the market. Most likely, the deficit will not last long: Apple has already opened its stores in China after the quarantine, and the main iPhone collector, Foxconn, recently announced its intention to restore production to normal levels by the end of March.

Earlier, Apple released a financial report for the fourth quarter of 2019 (the first quarter of fiscal 2020), which announced record revenues. The company’s revenues from October to December amounted to $ 91.8 billion, up 9% from the same period in 2018. Quarterly profit was $ 22.2 billion, which also became a record in the history of Apple. Apple’s first-quarter 2020 revenue forecasts ranged from $ 63 billion to $ 67 billion, but in mid-February, the company said it no longer expected to hit this indicator due to the suspension production in China and lower appliance sales. Apple’s adjusted revenue forecast was not.

According to the latest data, around 96,000 cases of a new type of coronavirus are registered worldwide, including more than 80,000 in China. 3286 people died from the disease and 53.4 thousand patients were cured. In recent days, the massive spread of the Covid-19 virus has been observed in Iran, Italy, and South Korea.

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