Before facing Chile…Messi is afraid of Corona

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Argentina captain Lionel Messi admitted on Monday morning that he was concerned about infection with the new Corona virus “Covid-19”, before starting his career with the national team in the Copa America Football Cup, in light of the discovery of cases of HIV infection among some competitors.

It was confirmed that players or officials from Bolivia, Colombia and Venezuela had contracted the Corona virus, before the competition even began in Brasilia on Sunday evening.

Messi, who will lead Argentina’s squad in their opening match against Chile in Rio de Janeiro on Monday, stressed the country’s players’ fear of contracting the virus.

Messi told reporters: This worries us because it is a risk for everyone to contract Covid. We try to be careful, but it’s not easy. These things happen, but we will try to do everything possible so that no one gets infected, but sometimes it does not depend on the person himself.

There is no evidence that Messi received the vaccination, despite the fact that the Confederation of America said last April that he had received the vaccine and intends to give it to all international players before the start of the tournament.

Argentina was scheduled to host the Copa America, but withdrew at the last minute, in light of the high incidence of HIV infection. The tournament was moved to Brazil, although it has the highest death toll anywhere in the world except for the United States.

Despite the organizers stressing the existence of strict restrictions to limit the spread of the virus, eight players from Venezuela contracted the virus before the start of the opening match against Brazil, while Bolivia suffered from infection of three players.

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