Before his death, Maradona requested that his body be preserved and embalmed

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Argentine press reports revealed, on Thursday, that soccer legend Diego Armando Maradona requested embalming upon his death, in a letter he wrote several months ago.

Maradona, 60, died on Wednesday of a heart attack, and his body was transported, Thursday, to Casa Rosada, the headquarters of the Argentine federal government, as large numbers of citizens queued to see the late star farewell.

According to “TYC”, Maradona, who was afraid of thinking of death, signed a letter in which he asked his family that his body be preserved and embalmed, months before his death.

The Argentine newspaper added: The Maradona family has not clarified the issue of embalming him yet, and this is scheduled to be revealed in the coming hours, when they transfer it to the Cemetery of the Garden de Bella Vista.

And if Maradona’s wish has been fulfilled, he will be among 4 figures who have been embalmed in Argentine history, after Jose de San Martin, the former politician and military who helped in the independence of Argentina, Juan Domingo Perón, the former president of Argentina, in addition to his wife Eva Perón.