Beware, Bluetooth technology on Android phones can be dangerous

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The German technology portal “Heise Online” has indicated that owners of smartphones and tablets equipped with the Google system “Android” should use Bluetooth technology with caution now, due to a security vulnerability in many mobile devices which could allow hackers to steal personal data or disclose malware, but excluding devices with the latest security update because it is protected against malicious code.

The user can verify this via the Settings menu, then enter the advanced settings, update the system or the “Settings then Security status” menu, and if the entry is dated 01-02-2020 or 05-02 -2020 in the Android 8 and Android 9 versions. So the mobile device is protected, and smartphones and tablets equipped with the Android 10 system are safe in all circumstances.

Usually, the user cannot manually install the security updates with the Android system, but they have to wait for the smartphone manufacturer to launch the working system update to fill in the numbered security document (CVE-2020 -0022) which was discovered by the German security company “ERNW“.

Until new security updates are released, German experts have advised limiting the use of Bluetooth technology – especially in public places – as a temporary protection measure, as much as possible, in addition to that many Bluetooth headsets can be connected by cable, and the user can also adjust the settings so that the devices cannot External identifies their smartphone or tablet when Bluetooth is activated.