Biden leads in Pennsylvania and is close to clinching victory

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The Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, as the vote count continues in Pennsylvania on Friday morning, ahead of his Republican rival Donald Trump, close to winning the White House race.

Biden advanced by 5,587 votes after 95 percent of the ballot papers were counted in this crucial state, as the Democratic candidate’s advance came hours after he passed Trump in Georgia, at a time when the Republican candidate needs to win two states to preserve his chances of winning a new term.

The US media has yet to announce the winner in either state, but the vote count’s continuation suggests that the former vice president is close to winning in both states.

If he wins in Pennsylvania, including 20 large voters, Biden will have decided the race for the White House, knowing that he has always maintained his lead in Georgia, Arizona and Nevada.

And the counting of votes began in Pennsylvania on polling day, starting with the votes expressed on election day, then with voting cards by mail, as Trump had advanced by a large margin in Pennsylvania last Tuesday evening before he began to decline after the calculation of voting cards was initiated through Mail.

The US President, who strongly opposes voting by mail, condemned what he called fraud in the elections, stressing that he would take all legal means to challenge the elections.

The state’s Central Election Observation Commission also released a press statement in which the Trump campaign demanded that they stay away from them to fulfill the task entrusted to them concerning counting the electorate’s votes.

In the context of de-link, the mayor of Vilavidia said: “According to the numbers that we have seen, we believe that Biden will win the state of Pennsylvania.”