Bill Gates predicts the imminence of another pandemic

Photo | Euronews

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Bill Gates frustrates the world about the imminent emergence of another pandemic; however, he seemed optimistic about the world’s ability to confront it better than Coronavirus.

There is no doubt that the announcement by the companies of Pfizer and BioNtech on the one hand, and our modernity on the other hand, that they reached two vaccines against Corona that are 95% effective gave a great dose of hope for humanity to overcome the emerging virus and return to normal life, but this joy will not be complete.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates announced that humanity would face another pandemic shortly. Still, at the same time, he seemed optimistic about the world’s ability to face it better compared to Coronavirus.

In a radio interview with actress Rachida Jones and infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates explained that the next pandemic might occur after 3 years, adding that humans will be lucky “if it is 20 years late.”

It is reported that Gates had said last September that he expected the Corona pandemic to end by 2022.

The founder of “Microsoft” is also known as a major investor in the pharmaceutical sector and has allocated millions of dollars to develop 7 different vaccines against Covid-19 alone. He previously said that between 70 and 80% of the world’s population should be vaccinated against the virus before anyone hopes to lead a normal life again.

The reasons on which Bill Gates based his predictions of the imminent emergence of a new pandemic are not known, at a time when the Covid 19 pandemic continues to claim thousands of lives every day across the world, and many countries have not been able to stop the bleeding of lives despite the discovery of advanced vaccines.