Bodybuilding without equipment: 9 good reasons to get started!

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When sports halls are closed because of the health crisis, more and more men are turning to weight training without equipment at home.

As a result, mobile apps and other coaching websites have proliferated for some time. But in this little game, there is one that stands out: FizzUp.

Tired of being locked in the gym? Endless journey times? Would you like to build muscle, but you are not attracted to machines?

In short, you want to gain muscle with as little stress as possible and, above all, less time spent exercising. The dream? This is possible with FizzUp coaching, a partner of,, for several years now.

Used by more than 5 million people in France, this method revolutionizes bodybuilding by offering to build muscle directly at home, without equipment, and at a lower cost while benefiting from a real personal ‘s advice’s advice’s advicetrainer’s advice.

Still, hesitating? Masculin has listed for you 9 good reasons to practice bodybuilding without specific equipment. Forget the big complicated machines in the room and launch your free FizzUp app at home: let’s go!

1. Unique flexibility for training

Do you train when you want where you want, you dream of it? With bodyweight training, you no longer need to plan your sessions and trips a week in advance. By practicing weight training without equipment, you no longer have to go to your gym or any sports center.

Time constraint is arguably the biggest limiting factor in training and well-being, which is why enjoying a workout at home, outdoors or even in the office is ideal in order to break down all these barriers.

The incessant back and forth, waiting in the room in front of a machine, the schedules to be respected or even the impersonal atmosphere will only be a distant memory.

With the FizzUp app, 20 minutes 3 times a week is enough to build muscle from home. Start the Muscle program and see gains on your upper body in less than 3 weeks!

Want more? You can switch between the hundreds of programs offered on FizzUp at will! You are no longer limited by time or the constraints of your schedule with FizzUp bodybuilding coaching without equipment.

2. No need to break the bank anymore

Strength training without equipment allows significant financial savings.

Let’s make the list: you no longer need to pay a sports subscription, pay for gasoline for trips, finance unnecessary equipment or even allocate space in your home for training. With weight training without equipment, you don’t need financial resources to train.

You only need your body, 2 m² of floor space and let’s go!

Best of all? FizzUp coaching is free! Indeed, there are more than 10 unique programs and sessions available free of charge in the application or via the website.

Want more results in record time? For less than € 7.99 per month, the FizzUp Premium version is ideal. You will have unlimited access to the entire catalog of programs, to all FizzUp functionalities and to exclusive content:

– hundreds of additional exercises;
– further customization of the program;
– recommendations from the coach ( abs work , strengthening, cardio or even stretching) at each session;
– an adapted nutritional plan with more than 350 recipes;
– yoga and meditation …

There’s even a full catalog of unique workouts and mini-programs to target a specific part of your body (for example, choosing to focus on your pecs , abs, or arms, or working on specific physical qualities.

3. Less fat and more muscle

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The weight to the weight body has profound effects in terms of fat loss and muscle gain.

No need for equipment to gain muscle or refine your figure: using only your body weight through thoughtful combinations of exercises, you will progress unhindered.

FizzUp capitalizes on the latest innovations in terms of sports training and offers you short and effective sessions for maximum results without equipment .

It ensures the respect of the progressive overload to force your body to progress and gain in lean mass. Using formats like HIIT (high intensity interval training) to burn maximum fat is also one of the strategies used to benefit your progress.

Want to lose your fat buoy? Choose the HIIT program to push your limits or even Fight if you feel like a boxer! Need to become a push-up and pull-up pro? Get started in the Push and Pull programs ! Do you want bulging pecs and abs? Malibu is for you!

4. The harmony of bodybuilding without equipment
Bodyweight training encourages the synergistic work of muscle chains throughout your body. This helps to ensure that your weight training session is incredibly efficient and saves time.

With a single exercise without equipment, you can exercise all the muscles of your body, for a balanced visual rendering.

By choosing a training program without equipment, you develop lean and harmonious muscles for more prominent muscles and a more toned body.

5. Say goodbye to muscle imbalances

Uncontrolled, weight training with equipment can cause many muscle imbalances at the origin of pain, postural sequelae and a visual rendering that is sometimes unsightly.

By using only your body weight and a suitable program, you strengthen your muscles as a whole and avoid possible problems. You protect your back and your joints that too heavy loads and training unsuited to your body type will damage.

Do you want to be in shape for centuries and centuries? FizzUp also has many fitness or rehabilitation programs : a smooth progression, adapted exercises and an easy-to-follow training plan.

Interested? Immerse yourself in the series of Wellness programs or get back on your feet with the Chabal program , an exclusive collaboration between Sébastien Chabal and FizzUp!

6. Right in your sneakers

Right in your sneakers (The Telegraph)

Bodyweight training uses all muscle chains, especially those deep in the back muscles.

Using simple exercises like core strengths , Arlaud’s movement, or reverse rowing, you target muscles key to good posture. After a few sessions, you stand straighter, your shoulders are less curled forward and you forget about back pain.

On FizzUp, you will find many programs without material adapted to your objective and your current form. They always include muscle building and sheathing exercises , to benefit your well-being and your posture on a daily basis.

In addition, if you want a program totally focused on preserving your back or recovering from an injury, we recommend the Posture program , which is ideal for this.

7. Farewell to injuries!

Training without equipment is more respectful of your joints and tendons, since you make them work in a more natural way and adapted to your morphology. The major advantage is that the risk of injury from training is greatly reduced and your body will thank you for it.

On FizzUp, you will find the good execution of each movement by the coach via high definition videos directly in the application and from two different angles.

You can also take a break and find the method of execution as well as detailed advice from your coach for each exercise.

In addition on the blog, many exercises without material are detailed in the expert advice section . This section deciphers all the characteristics of the exercises and our experts advise you on the right postures and the mistakes to avoid.

8. Strong as a firefighter or a soldier

Training with the sole weight of your body allows many gains in terms of physical condition while making your daily life easier.

Thanks to training without equipment, you are stronger and more powerful, you also gain in agility, balance, speed and flexibility. These are all essential physical benefits for the practice of other sports activities.

FizzUp offers many targeted programs to improve all your athletic abilities or sport-specific qualities. For example, discover the FireFighter program which takes up the key exercises of firefighter training to prepare you for competitions or even Commando , to slip into the shoes of a soldier.

You can also find MTB to prepare you for mountain biking, White prepares your legs and specifically your knees for the constraints of Skiing, and the No Limits series will shatter all your physical barriers!

9. The new sensations are yours!
Training without equipment will introduce you to a whole new sporting world! You will gain muscle, strength, fat, and develop new physical abilities quickly and efficiently.

With over 1000 different exercises on FizzUp, it’s impossible to get bored . You will develop previously unknown sensations, which motivates you to continue your efforts to reach your goal and get results in just 3 weeks.