Brescia closes the doors to striker Balotelli

PH: Actu Foot
Mario Balotelli, an unwanted character in Brescia. Italian press reports said the 29-year-old striker was denied access to the club’s training center on Tuesday, June 9.

While speculation is rife about the tense relationship between Mario Balotelli and Brescia, this news comes to set fire to the powder.

However, Italian press reports said the former AC Milan boy was sent home by Brescia on Tuesday following a stomach problem. Her medical certificate prohibited her from training.

Balotelli is said to have sent his club an email last night to tell them he will be back as preparations continue for the Serie A season to resume on June 20.

However, Brescia is said to have told Balotelli that they had not seen the email until this morning and had not had time to organize training for him. The Italian international could now resume training on Wednesday.

Although not a personal matter, the Serie A club are said to be seeking to terminate the former Manchester City and Liverpool striker’s contract after the rejection of a mutual termination agreement.

Balotelli has scored five goals in 19 appearances since signing for his childhood club. Brescia in the game after the break imposed by the coronavirus on June 22 against Fiorentina.