Bundesliga awaits green light from authorities for reprise

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German football is only waiting for the decision of the political authorities who must decide on Wednesday whether to resume the Bundesliga, behind closed doors and on the basis of a draconian health protocol.

With the approach of this crucial meeting of Chancellor Angela Merkel with the leaders of the Länder (regional states), the indicators seem to be green for a return to the field in mid-May. Germany would thus be the first major championship to restart since the sport was stopped in mid-March because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Health Minister Jens Spahn said on Tuesday morning that the action plan proposed by the German League (DFL) “is coherent and can even serve as a model for other sports, but then we will have to see how it works”.

The health plan of the German League is based above all on tests for the detection of coronavirus. Anyone taking part in training sessions or matches will be subject to it at least once a week, and necessarily the day before the matches.

The “positive” cases will be quarantined, but the rest of the group will not necessarily be. The final decision on the isolation measures, however, is not the responsibility of the clubs, but of the local health offices, which depend on regional powers. For the time being, the rule in Germany is that anyone who has been in close contact with a “positive” case observes isolation for 14 days.

This weekend, the first series of 1,724 tests carried out revealed ten positive cases among the 36 clubs in the first and second divisions. The bet to resume football will be won only if this figure remains very low, and that no club is forced to forfeit because of too many infections.