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In need of additional income…10 benefits to make money online

Earning money on the Internet has become the task of many current entrepreneurs because they only need the Internet and an electronic device to increase their income sources wherever they are. In the report published by the Spanish site ” EmprendiendoHistorias“, writer Rita Colina points out that it is undeniable that the digital environment has […]

The Bitcoin explosion during coronavirus

Bitcoin has seen tremendous surges in recent weeks, reaching over $ 40,000. An astonishing explosion in 2021, a year when the COVID-19 pandemic undermined the economy. How does bitcoin’s explosion of its value explain? This is not the first time that the price of bitcoin has soared. Already in 2017, we experienced a similar scenario. […]

Here are the 10 countries with the strongest economic growth in 2020

Despite the adverse effects of the coronavirus pandemic on the global economy, some countries have managed to stay afloat and maintain positive growth. A Bloomberg report lists ten countries with unexpectedly rapidly growing economies. African economies appear to have outperformed the rest of the world during the coronavirus pandemic, as seven of the ten countries […]

1 bitcoin with 23.624 dollars the highest level ever

The price of the most popular virtual currency bitcoin hit a new record in trading today, Thursday, at $ 23,624,000, amid increasing demand for high-risk investments. Investors found virtual currencies a feasible investment tool after the decline in gold prices and the dollar; Which made it over the past eight months a safe haven for […]

Hyundai has proclaimed the acquisition of Boston Dynamics

South Korean company Hyundai has proclaimed the purchase of a controlling stake in Boston Dynamics, which develops robots and is currently owned by the Japanese holding SoftBank. The last terms of the deal which were rumored in November, stipulate that Hyundai will buy about 80% of Boston Dynamics, while SoftBank will keep the remaining stake […]

New taxes from France on US technology giants

French tax authorities have begun to send notifications to large American companies about the need to pay a new tax for technology giants . The Financial Times writes about this. This is a tax of 3% for technology companies with an annual turnover exceeding 750 million euros worldwide and 25 million euros in France. The […]

The state of the world economy…Coordinated slowdown and uncertain recovery

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has lowered its global growth forecast for 2019 to its lowest level since the financial crisis, amid continuing trade disputes that have affected business and investment confidence, warning that the global economy is experiencing a “coordinated slowdown and uncertain recovery.” The IMF also lowered its growth forecasts for Saudi Arabia […]

A partial trade agreement between America and China is on the horizon

U.S. President Donald Trump announced that the United States and China had reached a partial trade deal, the first tangible de-escalation in the months-long trade war between the two largest powers. Global economic growth. “We have reached a very substantial first-phase agreement,” President Trump told reporters at the White House after a meeting with Chinese […]

WTO gives Trump green light to tax European products

The World Trade Organization (WTO) has authorized the United States to punish European countries, including France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Spain, which are the most targeted for a good reason, according to the Geneva institution, because they paid subsidies illegally to the European Airbus. This final and indisputable decision will allow the Trump administration […]

One hundred international companies set up in the Netherlands because of Brexit

  flag of the Netherlands About one hundred international companies have set up operations in the Netherlands since the Brexit referendum in June 2016 and another 325 are interested in such a move, following the uncertainty surrounding the divorce between London and Brussels. British companies have great interest in moving to the Netherlands, but firms […]

Trump hints at French wine tax before flying to G7

US President Donald Trump again threatened Friday to impose additional tariffs on French wines before flying to Southwest France where he must attend the G7 summit. Accompanied by his wife Melania, Mr. Trump left the White House shortly after 11 pm (Saturday 3 pm GMT). Claiming to expect “very productive” talks at the Biarritz summit, […]