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4 essential oils for healthy and beautiful nails

The essential oils provide the perfect care for nails and a cure for the most difficult nail problems. Use lemon oil, authentic laurel oil, cistus oil, and basil oil to nourish and protect the nails from yellowing and cracking, in addition to restoring them and promoting their growth. When nails become loose and split, essential […]

15 foods that make hair grow much faster

Long hair, has it been your hairstyle goal for a while? Here is the solution to quickly get it! The salmon Salmon is one of the most beneficial foods for stimulating hair growth. Thanks to the Omega 3 it contains, salmon helps strengthen the hair follicle. This will promote circulation in the scalp and thus […]

10 healthy habits that change your life

Making small changes and sticking to simple habits can help you achieve big milestones. A few minutes a day in practicing a new healthy habit is sufficient to achieve impressive results. In a report published by “Goodhouse” in its Russian version, author Vera Irmakova offers several tips and habits that can be adhered to promote […]

Eat an avocado a day and say goodbye to the doctor

A new update on a popular saying about apples draws attention to an avocado or butter fruit, as a team of American scientists announced that eating avocados every day can help preserve beneficial gut microbes, adding that it helps break down fiber and reduce unhealthy acids, according to what I published. The British Daily Mail, […]

Britain begins vaccination against Coronavirus…Hancock cries scene

A historic day in the United Kingdom; Where the vaccination process against the emerging coronavirus that causes Covid-19 began, and the vaccination campaign was launched by a woman at the age of 90 years, to be the first woman in the world to receive the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine against Covid 19 after clinical research. Attention is […]

Does a person recovering from the Coronavirus need to be vaccinated ?

Do you need to receive a Covid-19 vaccination if you have already had the new Coronavirus before and recovered? Or will receiving vaccination be limited to people who have not been infected with the Coronavirus? The answer is: We don’t know yet, and there is an ongoing debate. So far, vaccine trials have focused on […]

3 home mixes that eliminate the most common skin problems

Pimples, scars, and blackheads are the most common skin problems. Its solutions can be simple and rely on the use of easy-to-prepare home recipes, which contribute to overcoming these impurities and obtaining pure and clear skin. Mixture for removing stigmata Both honey and cinnamon are two ingredients suitable for skin that bears scars, and their […]

Russia claims its Sputnik V vaccine is 95% effective

Russia said on Tuesday that its Sputnik V vaccine against Covid-19 disease, developed by the Gamaleïa research center in Moscow, was 95% effective. These are the preliminary results obtained on volunteers 42 days after the first dose injection, said in a statement this center, the Russian Ministry of Health and the Russian Sovereign Fund, involved […]

Who are the most prominent companies competing to develop a Coronavirus vaccine?

Research laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry worldwide are seeking to quickly find vaccines and treatments for the emerging coronavirus, using a variety of different technologies. What are the most prominent companies currently competing to develop a Coronavirus vaccine? AstraZeneca The trial results on the Coronavirus vaccine developed by the University of Oxford in Britain and […]

Who is the owner of Moderna? What he said about the new vaccine

The effectiveness of Moderna’s vaccine against the Coronavirus has been proven 94.5%, which made it enter a feverish race with the “Pfizer” company to contain the pandemic across the world, which has claimed more than 1.2 million lives around the world so far. The founder of our Moderna Noubar Afeyan Noubar Afeyan was born to […]

Eggs dangerous to health? Watch out for your consumption!

Known for their high protein concentration, eggs are one of the most consumed foods. Although they appear harmless, they are said to increase the risk of developing diabetes by 60% .

Do eggs represent a health risk?

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Eggs, a dangerous food?
Europeans consume an average of 213 eggs per capita per year . Although they are not generally considered to be risky foods, eggs still represent a danger if they are eaten excessively. The University of South Australia recently conducted research into the health consequences of eating eggs .

This is how researchers were able to establish that eating too many eggs increases the risk of developing diabetes. Those who eat one or more eggs daily see their risk of diabetes increased by 60% . For Dr. Ming Li of UniSA, the increase in diabetes is becoming a growing concern, especially in China where the change in the population’s diet is impacting the health of the inhabitants.

An increased risk in women
” Diet is a known and modifiable factor that contributes to the onset of type 2 diabetes, so it is important to understand the range of dietary factors that may impact the increasing prevalence of the disease,” explains the doctor Li. “ In recent decades, China has undergone a substantial nutritional transition which has seen many people move away from a traditional diet of grains and vegetables for a more processed diet that includes larger amounts of meat, snacks. and high-energy foods, ”he added.

Between 1991 and 2000, egg consumption doubled in China. The study has shown that these consequences are seen more in women than in men . “To beat diabetes, a multi-faceted approach is needed. It encompasses not only research, but also a clear set of guidelines to help inform and guide the public ”.