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Your bank details in danger! Be careful if you receive this SMS

More and more ingenious, crooks use many means to steal your personal data . In this period when online orders are exploding, the parcel scam is making a comeback with the emergence of an additional danger. Find out how not to be fooled! The parcel scam is back While online orders are exploding because of […]

This is the launch date for the iPhone fold

Although rumors about an iPhone fold are nothing new, reliable analysts (Ming-Chi Kuo) add new information. The analyst says: Apple can look to launch an iPhone fold in 2023 and that the phone could have a screen measuring between 7.5 and 8 inches. Previous rumors indicated that the screen would be smaller and closer to […]

Wi-Fi 6, the new generation of faster internet

The “Wi-Fi” consortium has adopted the designation “Wi-Fi 6” for the new wireless LAN standard “802.11ax” to facilitate dealing with devices; what is this new standard? What are its most prominent features? Is it worth the attention?

Coca-Cola will use paper bottles to protect the environment (video)

The Coca-Cola Company will experiment with paper bottles for its drinks by the end of 2021 in Hungary. As part of the trial, 2,000 of these AdeZ bottles are expected to go to Kifli supermarkets. As New Atlas notes, the idea of ​​paper beverage containers is nothing new – milk and many other beverages have […]

Cyberattack hits French companies and accusations against Russian

France’s cybersecurity agency said that a group of Russian military hackers, known as the Sandworm Group, were behind a 3-year operation in which they penetrated the internal networks of several French entities that run Centreon servers for monitoring IT. Centron is an IT resource monitoring platform developed by the French company Centron, and a product […]

Tesla’s Roadster car will take off in the sky

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said his new Roadster project would contain missile technology. This happened during Musk’s conversation with Joe Rogan, host of the “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast on Thursday, where the CEO of Tesla discussed the issue of the next generation of the high-end electric Tesla Roadster. “I want him to fly, and I’ve […]

The first screenshots of Android 12 leaked online

The XDA-Developers edition has published several screenshots, which, according to unconfirmed reports, show the details of the interface of the Android 12 mobile OS, which is still in development and has not been officially presented. Android 12 will receive several changes, judging by the released images, including fewer quick settings icons in the notification panel, […]

Why is Clubhouse so popular in China?

The Clubhouse direct voice communication application attracts many users from the Chinese mainland, as this American application is still not subject to censorship by the authorities, despite the extensive discussions it witnesses about rights, national identity, and other sensitive topics. China bans Western social media applications such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube and imposes strict […]

Jeff Bezos leaves his castle as CEO of Amazon

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who recently dropped to second place in the ranking of the richest people in the world, behind Elon Musk, will leave the post of Amazon CEO in the third quarter of 2021. Bezos said this in a letter to Amazon employees. Bezos said that after leaving his post, he would become […]

A robot with new talent from Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics has posted on its YouTube channel a fresh video of the Spot robot’s talents that hit the market in 2020. A small video shows robots equipped with a manipulator resembling a long neck with a small head at the end. Previously, Spot prototypes were equipped with similar manipulators, but serial robots have been […]

The trick behind free Google Maps…why would it be better to replace it?

The maps drawn by Google are not flawless, and to appear in a complete picture, the digital giant counts homes, streets, companies, peaks and seabeds around the world, and other locations, using high technologies. In this article published by the French newspaper “La Croix”, writer Azelez Klaki stated that with the launch of Google Maps […]