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Why is Clubhouse so popular in China?

The Clubhouse direct voice communication application attracts many users from the Chinese mainland, as this American application is still not subject to censorship by the authorities, despite the extensive discussions it witnesses about rights, national identity, and other sensitive topics. China bans Western social media applications such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube and imposes strict […]

WhatsApp reassures users about privacy, with conditions

The move of the world-famous messaging app ” WhatsApp ” to update the privacy policy has sparked a lot of controversy; for fear of breaching privacy, mass migration waves have arisen to other similar messaging apps after the green application forced users to agree to share their various data with Facebook; otherwise, it will be […]

Why is Signal the best alternative to WhatsApp?

Signal has found a great alternative to WhatsApp, which has caused a lot of controversy over the past few days after updating its privacy policy. WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, imposed the sharing of data with other Facebook applications and products, and if users do not accept the terms of the new privacy policy, their WhatsApp […]

Tech giants block Trump by shutting down Parler

Apple suspended the Parler app from its app store, saying the social media service had not taken adequate measures to prevent posts’ spread inciting violence. Apple gave the service 24 hours to present a detailed moderation plan, citing participants who used the service to coordinate the US Congress building blockade on Wednesday. “Parler has commented […]

Trump’s Facebook and Instagram account will continue to be blocked

The blocking of accounts of the current US President Donald Trump on Facebook and Instagram will be valid for at least the next two weeks and may become indefinite. This was announced by the head of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. “We believe that the potential risks associated with the further use of our service by the […]

Why don’t you comb your hair?…strange question for Boris Johnson

On Thursday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was exposed to a strange situation when a journalist asked him one of the strangest personal questions ever. A journalist quoted a question that his mother had recommended to the high British official. As for the substance of the question, which undoubtedly many Britons and non-British people were […]

Facebook enters the news field…Farewell to the trouble of searching

Facebook has been trying for years to gain a foothold in the news industry, and last year, the company launched a dedicated news section on its website called Facebook News, for users in the United States. It also wants to expand this program to include other countries, such as Brazil, Germany, and India. But this […]

Is piracy behind the stoppage of Google services ?

Users wonder who was behind the stoppage of Google services today, at a time when the United States of America announced that many companies’ data were exposed to piracy, thus directing its accusations to Moscow. The reason for the large-scale failure that occurred in the work of the video hosting YouTube and almost all popular […]

Apple responds to WhatsApp about privacy

In response to criticisms made by the instant messaging service WhatsApp – owned by Facebook – to Apple that the program prefers Apple applications over third-party applications Apple has made it clear that the mandatory privacy labeling program aimed at preserving the privacy of applications will apply to all applications, whether from third-party developers or […]

Another TikTok victory over the ban attempt

Late on Monday, a second US judge issued a preliminary injunction preventing the US Commerce Department from imposing restrictions on the Chinese-owned short video sharing app TikTok , which would have effectively banned its use in the United States. US Criminal Court Judge Carl J. Nichols in Washington issued an order in a lawsuit filed […]

Telegram launches an important feature

The Telegram chat application announced a new feature that enables its users to communicate in a group. The program will launch its new feature represented by the conference call. Such a chat can be established by one person who specifies the persons to make such calls between them. It is noteworthy that Telegram had previously […]