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Oddities and wonders across the world, and things the mind may not believe

Paratrooper lands in stadium during a match in Poland

A soccer match in Poland recently saw an unusual visitor after a paratrooper descended from the sky in the middle of the field, and players paused in amazement in the middle of the match. This match was in the framework of the Polish fourth division competitions, between the teams “Olympia Elblong” and “Pisa Barčevo”, which […]

Russian cat was appointed as deputy minister (video)

When a worker at a Russian waste-sorting facility rescued a cat from imminent death, he could not have imagined that the pet would, after the accident, obtain an honorary title and sit in the chair of a senior government official. On Monday, a video clip captured by surveillance cameras in a factory in Ulyanovsk, about […]

Imprisonment for a man who killed the rooster Marcel in France

A misdemeanor court in Privé – southeastern France – has sentenced a suspended man to five months in prison, who killed ‘ rooster Marcel ‘ last May in the neighboring circuit, on the pretext that he was making a big noise. The accused, who confessed to his actions, was also imposed a fine of 300 […]

Rare humans with unusual mutations

From Paul Karason, the man with blue skin, to Gaurab Garum, the wrinkled child’ The three legged man on his back …here are 4 rare humans that really exist! The man with blue skin Nicknamed “The Blue Man”, or even “Papa Smurf”. Paul Karason was a man, unlike any other. His particularity? The color of […]

Video: A camel breaks into a hospital in Egypt

A video clip spread on social media in Egypt for a moment when a camel stormed the corridors of Osem Hospital in the Giza Governorate while hospital staff was trying to get him out. The video clip shows a huge camel entering the hospital’s the main gate and then wandering inside its corridors, amid the […]

Meissen ZX8000 shoes for 1 million dollars auction

A unique pair of sports shoes designed by sports equipment company “Adidas” and German porcelain maker “Meissen” may become the first shoe of its kind to sell for a million dollars, according to the expectations of the house “Sotheby’s” which is offering it at auction. In recent years, auction houses have begun to sell sneakers […]

New Kim : Pigeon with nearly 2 million dollars

If “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”, as the saying is common in most countries of the world, then “a pigeon is better than 100,000 in the air,” if it is within reach, and of one kind that was sold by an auction that they organized yesterday in Belgium, for […]

Nissan is using Toyota cars in extraordinary publicity

About half of the approximately 1100 Nissan dealers in the United States will receive Toyota RAV4 crossovers. Dealers will offer test drives of these cars so that they can appreciate the advantages of the new Nissan X-Trail crossover (in the US, this model is sold as Rogue) over its competitor Toyota. Automotive News reports an […]

The value of this horse is more expensive than Ronaldo and Messi together

The horse “Galileo” drew attention with its huge price of 180 million pounds sterling, or about 200 million euros so that the British newspapers compared its price with the market value of the Portuguese stars Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentine Lionel Messi and the horse’s superiority. The market value of Messi, who ranks tenth among the […]