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Maradona’s legacy will be auctioned off

A magistrate has decided that the property bequeathed by Argentine football legend Diego Armando Maradona, who died six months ago in Buenos Aires, be auctioned off and the proceeds distributed among his five heirs. Among the properties that will be offered for sale via streaming, in view of the epidemiological situation in the country, include […]

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala becomes the first African woman to lead the WTO

Nigerian Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala was appointed Monday, February 15, as the new leader of the World Trade Organization (WTO), Her appointment is a consecration for this woman economist within the said world organization. Elected by consensus at a special meeting of the General Council of the World Trade Organization, the new CEO of the organization is […]

Rivers of gold in Peru

While the International Space Station, NASA, published an image showing rivers of gold crossing the Amazon rainforest in the state of “Madre de Dios” in eastern Peru, the information indicated that these scenes are nothing but excavation pits likely left by independent miners, according to For the Agency’s Earth Observatory. NASA obtained the image from […]

Mike Pompeo accuses China of genocide against Uyghur Muslims

On his last day as US foreign minister, Mike Pompeo further deepened tensions in Washington and Beijing’s already collapsing relations. The secretary of state accused China of committing “genocide” in Xinjiang against Uyghur Muslims. The head of the American diplomacy used the strongest and clearest words to describe the Chinese one party’s policies in the […]

Answers to questions about Trump’s conviction and impeachment

Of the 45 presidents the United States has known since its founding 240 years ago, Donald Trump became the first and only to vote in the House of Representatives on his conviction and then his impeachment in the Senate. In the wake of the bloody events of January 6, in which hundreds of Trump supporters […]

Tourism normalization … The Israelis steal everything they can carry from UAE hotels

About a month after the start of commercial flights between Israel and the UAE, complaints began to accumulate from Abu Dhabi and Dubai regarding the phenomenon of some Israeli tourists stealing items and possessions from hotel rooms. This phenomenon quickly unfolded, despite the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s initiative to issue a “behavior memorandum” that included instructions […]

Brexit : The agreement validated by European representatives

The European Union countries’ ambassadors have validated the provisional application of the agreement concluded between London and Brussels after January 1. There remains the validation of the European Parliament. As the transition period (when Britain and the European Union continued to trade in the same way as before Brexit) ends in December, representatives of EU […]

Mileydis Aldana decapitated an owl and a gang shot her

A tragic accident made headlines in Colombia on December 13th, when hired killers murdered Mileydis Aldana. The woman boasts of having an owl beheaded and posted pictures on social media. Since her act described by trackers across the country as “barbaric,” the 21-year-old has been under investigation for animal abuse and has received constant death […]

How did the forward defense strategy fail to protect the US from cyber-attacks?

For two years, the US Department of Defense (the Pentagon) searched for the security imbalance that allowed Russia to influence the 2016 presidential elections, and the various American intelligence agencies’ estimates of Russia’s intervention were combined to help Donald Trump reach the White House. In 2018, the Ministry of Defense adopted the Forward Defense strategy, […]

Bolsonaro: Pfizer vaccine sprouts a woman’s beard

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro launched a sweeping attack on the coronavirus vaccines. Without hesitation, he pointed out that the “Pfizer” vaccine can grow a woman to grow a beard and turn a person into a crocodile. Speaking in Porto Seguro in northeastern Brazil, Bolsonaro said: “In the contract with Pfizer, they say very clearly: we […]

Germany records a new record of daily infections Coronavirus

After Wednesday’s record with 27,728 new infections and 952 deaths in 24 hours, the German health watch institute, Robert Koch, reported on Thursday new thresholds crossed, with 30,423 new positive cases for coronavirus. This is the first time since the appearance of the virus that the threshold of 30,000 daily cases has been crossed in […]

2020 events in brief … Coronavirus with the crown

The 2020 events, from the dream of a “phytosanitary year” to the closure due to the Corona pandemic, through several crises, to a breakthrough in the emergence of the vaccine. Before the beginning of the year, the United Nations declared 2020 the Year of Phytosanitary, but it seems that nature had a different opinion. The […]

Watch … a man gets on the wing of a plane before take-off

A video clip obtained by NBC News showed a man walking on the wing of a plane and taking off his shoes before security men approached him and slipped to the ground. The US authorities said they had arrested a man who stormed McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas and climbed strangely on a passenger […]

10 year prison for Angelina Jolie lookalike

After being accused of inciting corruption, an Iranian court, on Friday, sentenced to 10 years in prison, the Iranian Instagram star, famous for his Angelina Jolie look. The Iranian agency “Rukna” reported, “The girl Fatima Khwishund, known as” Sahar Tabar “, who was arrested in October 2019, at the age of 22 years, was sentenced […]

Michel Zekler: What happened to me “French Scandal”

Michel Zekler, the black music producer who was assaulted by three French police officers last month, said that what happened to him was a “French scandal”. In the context of his meeting with the French newspaper Le Monde, he added that the three policemen spotted him in the street near his workplace and rushed behind […]

Angela Merkel still leading influential women

The American magazine Forbes published its list of the “100 most powerful women in the world”. For the 10th consecutive year, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is in the lead. Still, the top 3 records a new arrival, that of the American Vice-President, Kamala Harris. After the President of the European Central Bank, the latter is […]