Cavani is threatening with severe punishment

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The Football Association has launched investigations regarding a post on social media written by Edinson Cavani, Manchester United striker. The player may face a ban of at least 3 games because the post carried racist language.

After Cavani scored a double that led Manchester United to a 3-2 win over Southampton on Sunday in the Premier League, one of his followers praised him on Instagram, and Cavani responded by saying, “Thank you, nigger.”

The player posted was later deleted, but this does not mean that he will escape from the suspension penalty for at least 3 matches if he is convicted.

According to press reports, Cavani will defend himself that the word he used is not considered offensive in his country, Uruguay.

It should be noted that the same word was used by Luis Suarez in 2011 when he was a striker for Liverpool when he spoke about Patrice Evra, the Manchester United player at the time, and Suárez received a suspension of 8 matches.

Bernardo Silva was also suspended for a joke with his French colleague Benjamin Mandy in Manchester City. The joke was considered racist despite the two parties’ confirmation that it was not the case.

Source: Agencies