I never loved him … a Turkish player killed his son and claimed that Corona was the reason

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“I didn’t like him,” three words were enough to justify the Turkish player, Cevher Toktas, who killed his adult son

He is five years old after he was silenced with a pillow and then alleged that he died due to an infection with the Coronavirus.

The story goes back to last month, when the baby was declared dead naturally, as Toktas, 33, took his son Qasim to a hospital on the 23rd of last month with a cough and high fever, so the two entered the quarantine on suspicion of having a coronavirus.

On the same day, Toktas called the doctors to his room claiming that the boy had difficulty breathing, so he was quickly transferred to intensive care but later died and the virus was blamed for the death of the child whose father had buried him directly.

A few days ago, Toktas blew a surprise by confessing that he had strangled his son with a pillow, and after handing himself into the police his confessions were especially shocking as to why he killed his son.

“He kept his breath for 15 minutes when he was lying on the bed, and I did not remove the pillow even though he was suffering, and when I confirmed that he was no longer moving, I lifted the pillow, and then I called the doctors to remove any suspicion from me,” Toktash said.

“I didn’t like my little boy from birth, I don’t know why? The only reason I killed my son is this, I don’t have mental problems.”

The murderer’s father explained that he had surrendered to his remorse for what he had committed, and later the child’s body was exhumed for a new autopsy.

It was remarkable that after Toktas had buried his son Kasim, he posted a picture on his Facebook account of the grave and enclosed it with a comment “Do not depend on the world.”

It is noteworthy that Cevher Toktas plays with a team in the fifth degree in Turkey, and he played one season with one of the Turkish Premier League teams 2008-2009 season.